Super messaging guide

A best practice guide to highlight the ideal methods to let your customers know about Super, long before they decide to make a purchase.

When you integrate with Super, customers will be able to experience instant money off their final purchase price, which is a desirable reason to shop from you.

Ensure that Super checkout messaging appears throughout your entire purchase journey and drive desire among price-conscious customers. Throughout their purchase journey, customers will anticipate Super to appear as a checkout option, they understand how it works, why they’re getting money off and are prepared to pay with Super.


Super checkout messaging will provide:

  • A meaningful reason for customers to purchase from you
  • Increased basket values
  • An increase in daily sales
  • Lower operational costs with free payments
  • Compliance with checkout advertising regulations

Look and feel

There are numerous assets which show Super messaging across different parts of your online store and your overall web presence. They’re designed to fit comfortably alongside your existing business branding and each remind the customer that Super is a checkout option which will save them money when they check out.

Our charges

Just like all payments made with Super - Super checkout messaging is and will always be free. We’ll provide you with all of the assets that you need to increase conversions on your store.

It’s cookie-free

Super checkout marketing doesn’t require marketing opt-in and it doesn’t require the use of advertising cookies, so users with ad-blockers will still be able to understand the benefits of checking out with Super.