Super for BigCommerce

A seamless integration with BigCommerce.

BigCommerce is a SaaS solution used by businesses around the world to build their e-commerce stores. Businesses can easily build and manage their online stores and customise them to their needs.

Our Super Payments widget enables BigCommerce businesses to accept payments in a secure and hassle-free manner, whilst providing your customers with cash rewards and instant refunds on their purchases.



The BigCommerce extension support the Stencil theme only.

Older themes that are no longer supported by BigCommerce are not supported.

1. Create Your Super Payments Business Account

Sign up for your Super Payments Business Account.

2. Create a BigCommerce Integration

Once you are signed up, go to Settings -> Payment methods on the business portal.

3. Generate Super Integration API Keys

Generate your API keys in your business portal. You'll need a Confirmation ID and API key to finalise the app installation setup in the following steps.

4. Install the Super Payments App on your BigCommerce store

Open the BigCommerce backoffice for your store and navigate to Apps, MarketPlace.

Search for Super Payments

Select the Super Payments app listing and Select Get This App.

Navigate through to your BigCommerce login and when presented with the App Installation screen, click Install.

You should be presented with the app interface as shown below.

5. Complete the app setup

Provide the Super integration keys created at 3 Generate Super Integration API Keys and click Save.

Setup the Money Order payment method for your store by clicking the Start Setup button and then the Go to Setup button on the popup.

On the Money Order settings screen, enter the details as below;

Display Name:

Super Payments

Available Countries:

United Kingdom

Payment Information:

Pay via Bank App

Click Save and navigate back to the Super app interface.

All status indicators should be green:

6. Configure the Super Marketing Assets

Using Super as a checkout method with cash rewards enabled increases conversion rate and average order value.

Until shoppers reach your checkout, they are unaware of the benefits that Super can provide. Letting them know early on in their shopping journey that Super is available as a checkout option through checkout messaging will help their purchase decision, knowing that they’ll get a cash reward for your store when they pay with Super Payments.

The marketing messaging as well as checkout positioning can be configured from the app interface.

7. Verify the Installation

Verify that your installation is working as expected by checking:

  • The marketing assets are displayed correctly where enabled
    • Top level banner
    • Product detail page
    • Cart page
    • Checkout page
  • Super Payments is available as a checkout payment method
  • Ideally make a payment for a test order which you can refund afterwards. Verify that the order is registered under your store's orders, with the correct status and payment method indicated as Super Payments

8. Issuing Refunds from BigCommerce

In addition to issuing refunds directly from the Super business portal transactions list, refunds can also be issued from the BigCommerce backoffice.

From the Orders list, select the options icon under Actions and select the Refund option.

Select Super Payments or Third Party Provider as the refund option and click Confirm Refund.


We're here to help

Any queries about the best way to add Super Payments to your store checkout?

Contact us at any time: [email protected].

Frequently Asked Question

Q - I found a bug, what do I do?
A - Please reach out to us via [email protected], we’ll investigate immediately.

Q - Help! I’d like some support with getting Super running on my website.
A - Chat to us via [email protected] or get in contact directly with your designated Payment Specialist.

Q - How do I remove the Super Payments Plug-in?
A - Sign into the BigCommerce Admin interface and follow these steps:
- Go to Settings -> Payments
- Scroll down to Offline Payment methods and expand the container
- Disable the Money Order method
- From the main menu, select Storefronts -> Script Manager
- Delete the script entry for Super Payments
- From the main menu, select Settings -> Store level API accounts
- Delete the account for Super