The version specified in the API-path should be the date versioned /2024-02-01. This has changed from the previous numeric version /v2.


The checkout-api-key header that was used for authentication is no longer supported.

Please populate the standard Authorization header instead with your API key.

Rewards Calculations

The /v2/offers resource has been replaced with /2024-02-01/reward-calculations.

Refer to Generate Reward Calculation.


The error response formats for all endpoints differ significantly from v2.
The error formats now adhere to standard RFC 9457 prescribed formats.

Refer to Errors.

Rate Limiting

A rate limit has been introduced and now applies to all endpoints. Refer to Rate Limiting.

Specifying monetary amounts

The v2 API utilised minorUnitAmount when refering to amounts. This has been replaced with simply amount.

The values specified in amount properties should continue to be specified in minor currency units (e.g. pence for GBP).

Relevant endpoints:

Specifying brand

A brand-ID must be specified when interacting with the API.

To retrieve the correct brand ID, visit the Developers, API keys section on the business portal.


Viewing brand ID's