Many top-level API resources have support for bulk fetches through “list” API methods. For example, you can list payments and refunds. These list API methods share a common structure and accept, at a minimum, the following optional parameters are supported:

  • page: Used to indicate what results to return, use a value from the nextPage
    property returned from a prior call to the list API. If omitted the first page of results are returned.
  • pageSize: indicates how many results to return per page.

The response from a list API method includes the following properties:

  • An optional nextPage property containing a string-based token that acts as the
    cursor that a client can use as an input to subsequent API calls to request
    the next page of data.
  • A hasNext property containing a boolean flag to indicate whether or not there
    are additional results available after the current page.
  • A pageSize property indicating the size of the page being returned. This
    does not have to equal the number of items in the collection. E.g. a page
    size of 10 items could be returned but, for the final page, only 5 items
    could be returned to the client.